Women Breaking Barriers: A Glimpse into Ocean Installer’s Female Engineering Force


Mar 8, 2024


Christian Sedberg

March 8th marks a day of global celebration of diversity and empowerment of women worldwide. As we commemorate International Women’s Day this year, we would like to turn the spotlight on some of our own remarkable female installers. Today, we want to highlight the stories of these four extraordinary women – Dorsa Mehr, Louise Chan, Lesley Wilson and Agnès Carrant-Amaud – who share their insights, challenges, and triumphs.

Profile picture of Agnès Carrant-Arnaud

Agnès Carrant-Arnaud

Agnès Carrant-Amaud, the Planning Discipline Lead at Ocean Installer, brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to her role. With a PhD in Chemistry, Carrant-Amaud’s journey in the oil and gas industry has been fueled by her passion for challenging projects and her deep connection to the sea.

Born in Marseille, France, and based in the Oslo office, Carrant-Amaud emphasizes the importance of showcasing skills over gender.

“If you show your skills, the differentiation between the two genders will disappear”

Agnès Carrant-Arnaud, Oslo 2024

In her role, Carrant-Amaud faced challenges of misogyny head-on, illustrating the power of resilience and unity among female engineers.

She believes that diversity and inclusion have been instrumental in Ocean Installer’s success, as different perspectives and approaches enhance problem-solving capabilities.

Her advice to young women entering the industry is to follow their passions and embrace the diverse opportunities that engineering offers.

Louise Chan with a seaurgent rescued on a project

Louise Chan

Louise Chan, a project engineer at Ocean Installer, brings a fresh perspective to the industry with her background in Maritime Engineering. Hailing from New Zealand with roots in Hong Kong, Louise’s journey into the world of engineering was inspired by her father, a maritime engineer.

With a BSc in Maritime Engineering from the Australian Maritime College and an ongoing MSc in Subsea Engineering from the University of Aberdeen, Louise stands as a testament to the power of curiosity and determination.

Remember you are here for a reason and your gender has no correlation with your abilities”

Louise Chan, Stavanger 2024

In a male-dominated industry, Louise acknowledges the challenges of being outnumbered in meetings and onboard vessels. However, she emphasizes that one’s gender does not define their abilities.

Ocean Installer’s supportive environment, with a notable presence of female engineers in senior roles, has given Louise the confidence to thrive and excel in her field.

Her advice to aspiring female engineers is a reminder to be the main character in their lives and to seek support from the Women in STEM community.

Lesley Wilson at Ocean Installer's office in Houston

Lesley Wilson

Lesley Wilson, a seasoned Project Manager based in the Houston office of Ocean Installer, brings over 30 years of experience in onshore geotechnics and subsea contracting.

Wilson’s journey into engineering was a redirection from geology, initially driven by a desire to challenge herself in the dynamic world of civil engineering. Her vast experience has taught her the value of adaptability and the importance of perseverance in the face of unexpected challenges.

“Take a chance as the potential opportunities are extensive”

Lesley Wilson, Houston 2024

Wilson’s experience showcases the evolution of the engineering landscape, where gender biases are being challenged, and opportunities for growth are expanding. She believes that Ocean Installer’s inclusive and agile approach sets it apart, allowing for stronger relationships and impactful achievements.

Her advice to young women is to seize the diverse opportunities in engineering, as each project presents a unique and rewarding challenge.

Dorsa Mehr in front of large Stevsharks in Congo

Dorsa Mehr

Dorsa Mehr, one of our graduate project engineers who joined our ranks 2023 with a great deal of experience from her tenure as a Project Supervisor and Petroleum Engineer in Iran.

From her mathematical educational roots in Tehran to her Master’s journey in Oil and Gas Engineering at the prestigious University of Aberdeen, Dorsa’s passion for her trade shines brightly. A trade path inspired by her father’s passion for engineering, and a profound belief that engineering holds the power to effect positive change in society and the environment.

– Dorsa Mehr, Aberdeen 2024

Although engineering historically might have been a profession reserved for men, Dorsa believes that the general perception of woman in engineering has changed a lot over the last decade. She underscores the paradigm shift that challenges traditional gender biases and emphasizes the impactful contributions that female engineers bring to the table.

Dorsas perspective underscores the vital role that diversity and inclusion play in fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment that propels teams forward.

The narratives of these four magnificent installers reflect the resilience, competence, and diversity that define Ocean Installer’s female engineering force. It is crucial for the future of a gender diverse work force that we continue to showcase our female role models so that young girls discover the exciting careers within the energy transition.

In our industry there is a lack of women in many areas, but as a company our aim is to contribute to closing in on the gender gap where we can. Why? Because we believe that by committing to diversity and inclusion will help shape an even brighter and more inclusive future for all.

The campaign theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion, we encourage you to learn more about what it means to truly inspire inclusion here.

Mikkel and Jørn discussing the social life at the Ocean Installer office in Forus.

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