Ocean Installer and Solstad offshore receive high-capacity subsea vessel


Jul 2, 2014


Ocean Installer

2nd of July 2014

Normand Vision, the advanced construction support vessel (CSV) ordered by Ocean Installer and Solstad Offshore, has been delivered by VARD and is now ready for offshore operations. 

The vessel, which is owned by Solstad Offshore, will operate on a long term charter with Ocean Installer for a minimum of 8 years.

The vessel will be the third in Ocean Installer’s fleet of operated subsea vessels, following Normand Mermaid and Normand Clipper, both chartered from Solstad Offshore. It will immediately take on several comprehensive projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, including for Statoil and A/S Norske Shell.

Normand Vision is the result of the close cooperation between Solstad Offshore, VARD and Ocean Installer.  The vessel is designed to operate efficiently under demanding conditions and is well fitted for SURF (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines) operations. The vessel is 156.7 meters long, 27 meters wide and has a cargo deck area of 2 100 square meters.

Normand Vision is equipped with a 150t VLS and a 3 000t below deck carousel, ROVs in hangars launched through moonpools, and two AHC offshore cranes (400t and 100t) that can both operate down to depths of 3 000 metres.

Normand Vision was officially given her name by the Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Mrs. Monica Mæland, who acted as godmother in a ceremony that took place at Vard Søviknes July 2 2014.


About Solstad Offshore

Solstad Offshore ASA is among the largest offshore shipping companies in Norway, providing advanced vessels and extensive maritime competence for operations related to the offshore petroleum industry. The company has about 1 800 employees, and operates 46 vessels all over the world, in addition to two large subsea vessels under construction. Solstad Offshore is headquartered in Skudeneshavn, Norway and has branch offices in Brazil, Singapore, The Philippines, United Kingdom and Australia.

About Ocean Installer

Ocean Installer is a subsea company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway and with offices in Aberdeen, Houston and Mexico City. Ocean Installer holds strong EPCI expertise within the SURF (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers, Flowlines) segment and is rapidly expanding its operations and organisation within and beyond the North Sea basin.

Ocean Installer provides its clients with recognised first-rate assets and has secured long-term charters on three construction support vessels (CSV): Normand Clipper, Normand Mermaid and Normand Vision, all of which are owned by Solstad Offshore.

Ocean Installer is majority-owned by HitecVision, a leading investor in the oil and gas industry.

About VARD

Vard Holdings Limited (“VARD”), together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”), is one of the major global designers and shipbuilders of offshore and specialized vessels used in the offshore oil and gas exploration and production and oil services industries. Headquartered in Norway and with 10 000 employees, VARD operates ten strategically located shipbuilding facilities, including five in Norway, two in Romania, two in Brazil and one in Vietnam.

VARD’s long shipbuilding traditions, cutting-edge innovation and technology coupled with its global operations ensure access to the fastest growing oil exploration markets. The Group’s expertise and track record in constructing complex and highly customized offshore and specialized vessels have earned it recognition from industry players and enabled it to build strong relationships with its customers.

VARD was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange on 12 November 2010. Majority shareholder Fincantieri Oil & Gas S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of FINCANTIERI S.p.A., owns 55.63% in the Group. Headquartered in Trieste, Italy, FINCANTIERI is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups and has, over its 200 years of maritime history, built more than 7 000 vessels.


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