Ocean Installer and Normand Clipper deliver


Aug 17, 2012


Ocean Installer

The Ocean Installer charter on the Solstad Offshore CSV Normand Clipper commenced on May 1st. Since the initial mobilisation was finalised on May 10th, the vessel utilisation for Clipper has been at a 100 per cent, performing jobs for companies such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Excite Energy and Nexen, both in the Norwegian and British sector of the North Sea. Ocean Installer has now completed approx. 140 vessel days and approx. 160 000 working hours – of which all have been incident free (0 LTI). Moreover, under the Ocean Installer charter, Clipper has proved to have extremely high station keeping capabilities, having done surveys in up to 5.2 m wave height (Hs) and having launched WROVs in 4.2-4.7 m Hs. Hence, Ocean Installer has experienced limited waiting on weather on Clipper so far this year.

– Having been trusted with jobs qualifying us as a tier one player in the market, I am very pleased that we, to our clients’ satisfaction, deliver the high quality services we pride ourselves on. I am also extremely content with the safety record we are about to develop. Environmental and human safety is at the heart of all tasks and operations that we undertake, and we have a zero-tolerance approach to incidents, says Steinar Riise, CEO of Ocean Installer.

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