HSE Policy

I am committed to protecting our people, the environment and our assets from accidents and harm.

I believe that zero accidents and harm can be achieved by:

  • Identifying risks associated with our activities
  • Implementing mitigating actions to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable
  • Seeking Clean-Design and Green Operation solutions
  • Assuring that our employees are provided with the necessary resources, equipment and training and that they understand their personal responsibility for conducting operations in a safe, environmental friendly and efficient manner
  • Learning from own and others’ experience and by being in compliance to regulatory requirements and guidelines.

I expect everyone involved in Ocean Installer’s activities to comply
with the above requirements.

Odd Strømsnes, CEO Ocean Installer

Quality Policy

I am committed to achieving a high degree of quality in all of Ocean Installer’s services and activities.

I believe that quality can be achieved by:

  • Adopting a process approach and risk based thinking
  • Ensuring that quality objectives are established, communicated, measured, and reviewed
  • Ensuring that our employees are competent and provided the necessary information, resources and tools
  • Facilitating proper planning and execution of all work and learning from our experiences
  • Continually improving an effective business management system where responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities are clearly defined and understood
  • Always delivering the work in accordance with agreed requirements and customers’ expectations
  • Interacting with suppliers, sub-contractors and any other stakeholder

I expect everyone involved in Ocean Installer’s activities complies
with the above requirements.

Odd Strømsnes, CEO Ocean Installer

A Leader In The Industry

Ocean Installer holds strong SURF (Subsea structures, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) expertise, our technical staff having an average of 10 years of experience from this subsea segment. From engineering to installation, our people are highly experienced and merited professionals with solid international track records.