Always improving

We work systematically with HSEQ throughout the entire organisation and all projects, in order to reinforce awareness and further improve our performance. This work is about making sure that our people are well trained and prepared, it is about managing risk, and it is about learning from our achievements as well as our mistakes.

Staff competency requirements

In order to ensure that all personnel taking part in Ocean Installer’s activities onshore and offshore are always fully able and prepared to do their tasks in a safe and efficient manner, we have in place stringent procedures. Through our HSEQ Competence Requirements and our related Familiarisation and Training Procedure, we make sure that all personnel are familiar with all routines, equipment and procedures relevant to their field of work and concrete tasks and responsibilities.

Risk assessment

In order to minimise risk related to our activities, we conduct risk assessments at all relevant phases and levels of a project, and implement mitigating measures accordingly. Our goal is to reduce any risk to a level which is “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP).

Our procedures for risk assessment imply that we:

  • Systematically identify potential hazards to people, the environment and assets
  • Analyse and evaluate risk
  • Identify mitigation actions

Ocean Installer Department Managers are responsible for the identification and assessment of critical risks within their own area of responsibility, as well as the implementation of risk reducing measures.

HSEQ data management

In order to facilitate continuous improvement in the area of HSEQ, we need to have in-depth knowledge of our current performance. Therefore, we have in place especially designed procedures and systems for collection and handling of HSEQ data:

  • We systematically collect and analyse data and follow-up on all HSEQ incidents, including near-misses and nonconformities.
  • We have developed a comprehensive system that identifies and shares lessons learned throughout own and clients’ organisation.
    The system covers all worksites were Ocean Installer personnel operate.

A Leader In The Industry

Ocean Installer holds strong SURF (Subsea structures, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) expertise, our technical staff having an average of 10 years of experience from this subsea segment. From engineering to installation, our people are highly experienced and merited professionals with solid international track records.