Working for
Ocean Installer

Are you a good fit for Ocean Installer?

Ocean Installer is a lean and flexible organisation with long term growth ambitions. When making new hires we are looking for individuals whose qualifications, aspirations, ambitions and working style allow them to contribute to and excel with our development.

You may be a good fit for Ocean Installer if:

  • You have a record of solid academic and/or professional achievements and aspire to the highest professional standards
  • You wish to be an active part of a distinct knowledge environment, possessing the ability and willingness to both teach and learn
  • You are motivated by progress – of your own, of the team you are a part of, of the projects you are involved in, and of the company you work for
  • You are solution orientated and thrive in an organisation in development
  • You appreciate and strive to contribute to a flexible, efficient organisational structure

Working for Ocean Installer you can expect:

  • A dedicated and involved management who recognises and encourages the role every employee plays in the further development and success of the company
  • A flexible and efficient organisation characterised by direct lines of communication and swift decision-making processes
  • An employer who is determined to continuously invest in the future of the company – that means investing in you and your colleagues, in technology and equipment,
    and in long-term client relations
  • Exciting projects where your hold a real possibility to influence your own role and tasks
  • A Norway based company with a global future
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A Leader In The Industry

Ocean Installer holds strong SURF (Subsea structures, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines) expertise, our technical staff having an average of 10 years of experience from this subsea segment. From engineering to installation, our people are highly experienced and merited professionals with solid international track records.